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The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps
TF2 Spy Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n
Grin - Glenn by XionStamps
Stamp: The Office by angelaacevedo


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I like ties and I cannot lie, you wanna piece of pie?

  • Mood: Unhappy
Recently a girl who once went to my school had been dissing my friends. She made a youtube account and posted videos (I will not say what her username is). At a slumber party my friend who had been made fun of, showed me the videos on my phone. She told me to "troll" the video. IT'S STILL THERE. AND MY FRIEND WROTE HER NICKNAME UNDER THE COMMENT. One of my teachers found out about this and I denied writing it because honestly, I DIDN'T TYPE IT. My friend typed it and sent it, without my permission. I never saw the comment until my teacher showed it to me.  The teacher told my parents and I had to write an apology to my teacher. I (without being asked to) wrote a long one on the video to the girl MY FRIEND had trolled.

So I was later asked to delete every account on the internet I had. I deleted all the ones such as YouTube, Tumblr,, Facebook and Twitter (I wasn't affected by deleting twitter or facebook, I only used them once in two years). I still have this one BUT I WILL NOT BE ON AS MUCH AS BEFORE.

LUCKILY... my fine arts teacher made us take photographs for an assignment, and suggested we sign up for Instagram. I GOT TO KEEP MY INSTAGRAM.

My username is dancewaterdance

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM. I actually upload art there, and probably won't on here anymore. Instagram is free on the app store so if you have a iPod touch, iPhone or iPad please download it and find me! I will respond to your comments and it will be the only source of communication for all my good internet friends. And not only that, but you don't need a computer for it, so it's all on the go. My art style has gotten much better, and this is the only way to see it! (And when you find it, don't like stop looking because it says a different name than Shia. Shia is not my real name.)

I will still be on here ONCE IN A VERY LONG WHILE. I have time to talk to you all now for an hour and a half. But after that, it will be goodbye deviantart, and hello instagram.


Goodbye in advance.


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